CNC Spline Grinder SIO-GS500

CNC Spline Grinder SIO-GS500
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Technical Specifications
Purpose of Machine Tool:
SIO-GS500 CNC Spline Grinding Machine is a modern machine tool with high efficiency, high precision and high rigidity. X, Y, Z axis and fourth dividing axis are controlled by AC servo motors. Equipped with dresser to dress grinding wheel. It is mainly used for grinding spline, gear and broaching tool. It can grind curved surface parts like plane forming workpiece, linear guide rail, slider and measuring tool and other artifacts as well. The machine can improve the production efficiency, machining accuracy, surface roughness and shorten the production cycle. It is the ideal processing machine for automobile, mechanic, tool manufacturing and other industries.

General Description & Main Features:
Machine Bed
The machine bed made by high-grade cast is implemented in stable framework in order to provide high accuracy and consistent repeatability. The outstanding sturdy machine body is heat treated to relieve stresses.
In line with the torsion resisting and sturdy construction, the 3-axis linear guide rail slide system equipped with ball screws which have high stiffness, accuracy and excellent dynamic performance. Each of these units is driven via high precision servo motor, complete with position feedback system.

Grinding Heads
The grinding head adopt independent high-speed grinding unit with stable, high rigidity, high cutting ability,to ensure good movement precision, stiffness and stability. Inverter controlled,easy to adjust revolving speed.

CBN grinding wheel dresser drive via high precision motorized spindle which is stable, reliable and with small radial runout.

Electrical control
Relevant parts of the electrical control system of the machine are contained in a switch gear cabinet.

Operating Panel
The machine is equipped with a computer numerical control system Siemens 808D with USB port.
Mobile manual pulse generator is equipped to easy operate.

Integrated automatic lubrication system makes the maintenance more reliable.
Configuration cooling pump and enclosed shield.

Equipped automatic chip removal device.

Optional Accessories (Extra Price):
NC system such as FANUC,SIEMENS, GSK or KND is available for your selection.
Oil mist gathering system.

CNC Spline Grinding Machine
Items Specifications
Model SIO-GS500
Side of Table 500 x 1200 mm
Travel X/Y/Z 750 /400 /400 mm
Table Load Max. 1000 kg
Dist. from Spindle Center to Table 160-560 mm
Rapid Traverse X/Y/Z 15 m/min
Servo Power X/Y/Z/W 10/10/15/7.5 N.m
Pulse Equivalent X/Y/Z 0.001 /0.001 /0.001 mm
Pulse Equivalent W (4th Axis) 0.01°
Guide Rail Type Roller Linear Guide Rail
Positioning Accuracy 0.006 mm All Travel
Repetitive Positioning Accuracy 0.003 mm All Travel
Spindle Radial Runout 0.003mm
Spindle Axis Runout 0.003mm
Spindle Speed 3000-10000rpm Inverter
Spindle Power 5.5 kw
Dia. of Grinding Wheel φ150-200 mm
Linear Velocity of Grinding Wheel 35 m/s
Coolant Pressure 0.5 Mpa
Rate of Coolant Flow 25 L/min
Machining Accuracy It 5
Surface Roughness Ra 0.4
Overall Dimensions 2.6x2.2x2.0 m³
Net Weight 5.0 t
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